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StentEnhancementCommand Class Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method DetectMarkers Detects the markers of the stent device in the reference frame of the sequence.
Public Method OnProgress Raises the Progress event. (Inherited from RasterCommand)
Public Method Run Runs the image processing command. (Inherited from RasterCommand)
Public Method SelectFrame Selects a frame to be added to the stent enhancement average output image.
Public Method ToString Overridden. Returns a meaningful name for this command.
Public Method UnSelectFrame Unselects a frame to be removed from the stent enhancement output average image.
Public Method UpdateStentImage Updates the average output image after modifying the StentMarkers array.

Protected Methods

Name Description
Protected Method Dispose Releases all resources used by the StentEnhancementCommand.
Protected Method Finalize Destructor of the StentEnhancementCommand class.

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