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RemapIntensityCommandFlags Enumeration


Flags that indicate the color plane to update, whether to change the high bit and whether the LookupTable contains normal or stretched data.

public enum RemapIntensityCommandFlags   
Public Enum RemapIntensityCommandFlags  
typedef NS_OPTIONS(NSUInteger, LTRemapIntensityCommandFlags) 
public enum RemapIntensityCommandFlags 
public enum class RemapIntensityCommandFlags   
0x00000000Master All channels.
0x00000001Red Red channel only.
0x00000002Green Green channel only.
0x00000003Blue Blue channel only.
0x00000010ChangeHighBit Change the high bit of the image according to the used data of the LookupTable.
0x00000100Normal The data in the LookupTable is normal data, in this case the LookupTable length should be equal to 2^(HighBit - LowBit + 1).

This enumeration has the FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

Calculating Master Channel Values

In order to speed up widely used image processing filters in LEADTOOLS, the grayscale value (master channel) of a colored image is calculated using the following formulas:

#define CalcGrayValue(r, g, b) ((L_UCHAR)(((L_UCHAR) (((2 * (L_UINT) (r)) + (5 * (L_UINT) (g)) + (L_UINT) (b) + 4) / 8)))) 
#define CalcGrayValue16(r, g, b) ((L_UINT16) (((2 * (L_UINT32) (r)) + (5 * (L_UINT32) (g)) + (L_UINT32) (b) + 4) / 8)) 
#define CalcGrayValue32(r, g, b) ((L_UINT32) (((2 * (L_UINT32) (r)) + (5 * (L_UINT32) (g)) + (L_UINT32) (b) + 4) / 8)) 

Use a bitwise OR ( ¦ ) to specify one flag from each group.

Group Flags
Flags that indicate the color plane to update. Master, Red, Green, Blue
Flag that indicates whether or not to change the high bit. ChangeHighBit
Flag that indicates whether LookupTable contains normal or stretched data. Normal


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