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ColorIntensityBalanceCommand Class

Changes the distribution of the red, green, or blue channels. This command is available in the Imaging Pro and above toolkits.
public class ColorIntensityBalanceCommand : RasterCommand 
Public Class ColorIntensityBalanceCommand  
   Inherits RasterCommand 
@interface LTColorIntensityBalanceCommand : LTRasterCommand 
public class ColorIntensityBalanceCommand extends RasterCommand 
public ref class ColorIntensityBalanceCommand : public RasterCommand   
  • This command changes the distribution of the red, green, or blue channels to make the colors in the image more accurate or more different.
  • Each color component is treated independently. The color range for each component is split into shadows, midtones and highlights based on the intensity. The values in each range are adjusted differently using the ColorIntensityBalanceCommandData classes. Positive values in a ColorIntensityBalanceCommandData class for a component cause that particular component to become brighter, whereas negative values cause the component to become darker. A value of 0 leaves the component unchanged.
  • The preserve luminance option aims to minimize the luminance change in the image.
  • This command supports only RGB images. It does not support grayscale images.
  • This command supports 48 and 64-bit color images. Support for 48 and 64-bit color images is available only in the Document/Medical toolkits.
  • This command does not support signed data images.
  • This command does not support 32-bit grayscale images.

For more information, refer to Changing Brightness and Contrast. For more information, refer to Correcting Colors.


Run the ColorIntensityBalanceCommand on an image, and balance the colors by increasing the red channel values.

using Leadtools; 
using Leadtools.Codecs; 
using Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Color; 
public void ColorIntensityBalanceCommandExample() 
   // Load an image 
   RasterCodecs codecs = new RasterCodecs(); 
   codecs.ThrowExceptionsOnInvalidImages = true; 
   RasterImage image = codecs.Load(Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.ImagesDir, "sample5.cmp")); 
   // Prepare the command 
   ColorIntensityBalanceCommand command = new ColorIntensityBalanceCommand(); 
   ColorIntensityBalanceCommandData Shadows = new ColorIntensityBalanceCommandData(); 
   ColorIntensityBalanceCommandData MidTone = new ColorIntensityBalanceCommandData(); 
   ColorIntensityBalanceCommandData HighLight = new ColorIntensityBalanceCommandData(); 
   Shadows.Red = 60; 
   Shadows.Blue = 0; 
   Shadows.Green = 0; 
   MidTone.Red = 40; 
   MidTone.Blue = 0; 
   MidTone.Green = 0; 
   HighLight.Red = 70; 
   HighLight.Blue = 0; 
   HighLight.Green = 0; 
   command.Shadows = Shadows; 
   command.MidTone = MidTone; 
   command.HighLight = HighLight; 
   command.Luminance = false; 
   // Balance the colors by increasing the red channel values. 
   codecs.Save(image, Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.ImagesDir, "Result.jpg"), RasterImageFormat.Jpeg, 24); 
static class LEAD_VARS 
   public const string ImagesDir = @"C:\LEADTOOLS21\Resources\Images"; 
Imports Leadtools 
Imports Leadtools.Codecs 
Imports Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Color 
Public Sub ColorIntensityBalanceCommandExample() 
   Dim codecs As New RasterCodecs() 
   codecs.ThrowExceptionsOnInvalidImages = True 
   Dim leadImage As RasterImage = codecs.Load(Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.ImagesDir, "sample5.cmp")) 
   ' Prepare the command 
   Dim command As ColorIntensityBalanceCommand = New ColorIntensityBalanceCommand 
   Dim Shadow As ColorIntensityBalanceCommandData = New ColorIntensityBalanceCommandData 
   Dim MidTone As ColorIntensityBalanceCommandData = New ColorIntensityBalanceCommandData 
   Dim HighLight As ColorIntensityBalanceCommandData = New ColorIntensityBalanceCommandData 
   Shadow.Red = 60 
   Shadow.Blue = 0 
   Shadow.Green = 0 
   MidTone.Red = 40 
   MidTone.Blue = 0 
   MidTone.Green = 0 
   HighLight.Red = 70 
   HighLight.Blue = 0 
   HighLight.Green = 0 
   command.Shadows = Shadow 
   command.MidTone = MidTone 
   command.HighLight = HighLight 
   command.Luminance = False 
   ' Balance the colors by increasing the red channel values. 
   codecs.Save(leadImage, Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.ImagesDir, "Result.jpg"), RasterImageFormat.Jpeg, 24) 
End Sub 
Public NotInheritable Class LEAD_VARS 
   Public Const ImagesDir As String = "C:\LEADTOOLS21\Resources\Images" 
End Class 

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Leadtools.ImageProcessing.Color Assembly