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Saturation Property

Gets or sets a value that represents the percentage amount to change saturation, in tenths of percent.
public int Saturation { get; set; } 
Public Property Saturation As Integer 
@property (nonatomic, assign) NSInteger saturation 
public int getSaturation() 
public void setSaturation(int value) 
property int Saturation { 
   int get(); 
   void set (    int ); 

Property Value

Percentage amount to change saturation, in tenths of a percent. Valid values range from -1000 through 1000. This value is divided internally by 10. Negative values decrease the saturation of colors. Positive values increase the saturation. The saturation level is increased or decreased by a percentage of its present saturation level. For example, an increase of 20 of the current saturation level "L" will raise the new saturation level "L1" to a value L = 0.20 * L. Likewise, increasing the saturation level 100 doubles the saturation level (L1 = L + 1.0 * L). Decreasing the saturation level 100 will set the new saturation level to 0. This process is carried out for every pixel. The saturation is set to 1000 (maximum value) if the new value exceeds 1000).


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