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ColorThresholdCommandFlags Enumeration

Flags that represent the treatment of the values within the threshold range, the treatment of a pixel that falls on the threshold and new values for rejected values. These flags have a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

public enum ColorThresholdCommandFlags   
Public Enum ColorThresholdCommandFlags  
typedef NS_OPTIONS(NSUInteger, LTColorThresholdCommandFlags) 
public enum ColorThresholdCommandFlags 
public enum class ColorThresholdCommandFlags   
0x00000000BandBass The values falling outside the range are modified.
0x00000000EffectChannel Each channel component is modified independently.
0x00000000SetToMinimum The rejected values are set to 0.
0x00000001BandReject The values falling inside the range are modified.
0x00000010EffectAll The pixel is rejected by the test if one of the components is rejected.
0x00000100SetToMaximum The rejected values are set to the maximum value.
0x00000200SetToClamp The rejected component values less than the MinimumRange property go to the minimum value in the used color space component. Rejected component values greater than the MaximumRange property go to the maximum value in the used color space component. This works only with the EffectChannel flag.

You can use a bitwise OR ( ¦ ) to specify one flag from each group.

Group Flags
Flags that define treatment of the values between the minimum and maximum threshold values BandBass, BandReject
Flags that define treatment of a pixel that falls on the threshold EffectChannel, EffectAll
Flags that define the new values for the rejected values SetToMinimum, SetToMaximum, SetToClamp


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