MedicalViewerSynchronizationObject Class


Represents the base class that is used to synchronize multiple cells together through various action.

public abstract class MedicalViewerSynchronizationObject 
Public MustInherit Class MedicalViewerSynchronizationObject  
            public ref class MedicalViewerSynchronizationObject abstract  


The user must inherit this class and implement both DoSynchronize and DoUnSynchronize. To synchronize a series of images together (alignment), refer to MedicalViewerStackSynchronizationObject.

To enable this feature, apply the following:

  1. Create a new instance of MedicalViewerStackSynchronizationObject.
  2. Set the Mode to MedicalViewerSynchronizationType.Automatic.
  3. Add the intended cells to synchronize to the MedicalViewerSynchronizationObject through the Cells collection.
  4. For each cell, make sure to set the image position for each frame using MedicalViewerCell.SetImagePosition method. This is required in order for the Medical Viewer to be able to match the series with the same image position together.
  5. For each cell intended to synchronize, make sure to set the image orientation using MedicalViewerCell.ImageOrientation.


For an example, refer to MedicalViewerBaseCell.Synchronization.


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