PatientOrientation Property

Gets or sets an array of values that represent the patient orientation of the image attached to this cell.
public string[] PatientOrientation { get; set; } 
Public Property PatientOrientation As String() 
property array<String^>^ PatientOrientation { 
   array<String^>^ get(); 
   void set (    array<String^>^ ); 

Property Value

An array of string values representing the orientation of the image attached to this cell.


The engine first looks for Image Orientation (Patient) (0020,0037), (refer to ImageOrientation) and if the tag is missing or value is empty (not a volumetric image), the engine searches for a Patient Orientation (0020, 0020) tag. If neither tag has a value, the engine will then look at the PatientOrientation property value to get the orientation labeling. This is a required element if the image orientation is unknown. If both Image Orientation (Patient) and Patient Orientation values are present, then the engine will use the Image Orientation (Patient) (0020,0037) for the image orientation labeling.


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