SetAction Method

Assigns the action to a specific mouse button.
Public Overridable Sub SetAction( _ 
   ByVal actionType As MedicalViewerActionType, _ 
   ByVal mouseButton As MedicalViewerMouseButtons, _ 
   ByVal applyingOperation As MedicalViewerActionFlags _ 


The action to be assigned.

The Mouse event to be associated with the specified action.

Indicates the cells that the action is applied to and when the action is applied.

  • An action must be added to a container before it can be assigned to a mouse button. To add an action to a container call AddAction
  • If an action is set to a mouse button that is already used by another action, the new action will overwrite the old one.
  • Verify that the mouse button can be assigned to the specified action before assigning the button. Do this by calling the IsValidForAction method. For example, if Leadtools.MedicalViewer.MedicalViewerMouseButtons.Wheel is passed to the mouseButton parameter and MedicalViewerActionType.MagnifyGlass to the actionType parameter, the method will throw an exception. If the same values are passed as parameters to the method IsValidForAction, the method will return false, indicating that the mouse button cannot be used.
  • Actions can also be associated with keystroke combinations. To assign an action to a keystroke combination, call MedicalViewerCell.SetActionKeys.

For more information, refer to Applying Actions and Creating a Bitmap Region.


For an example, refer to Leadtools.MedicalViewer.MedicalViewer().


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