UseWindowLevelBoundaries Property


Gets or sets the value that indicates whether to limit the width and center value to the range specified by the image calculated range.

public bool UseWindowLevelBoundaries { get; set; } 
Public Property UseWindowLevelBoundaries As Boolean 
property bool UseWindowLevelBoundaries { 
   bool get(); 
   void set (    bool ); 

Property Value

true to limit the width and center values to the image boundaries, otherwise, it is false.

  • The image calculated range is the initial window level width and center values of the image. It is calculated using various methods, depending on the image attributes:

    1. For 8 -bit images, the default width and center is always 255 and 128 respectively.
    2. For 16 and 12 bit images with no lookup table, the width is calculated using MaxVal - MinVal and the center is calculated using (MaxVal + MinVal)/2.
    3. For 16 and 12 bit images with lookup table, the width and center values are calculated using the function “get linear VOI LUT” which finds the line inside the LUT and returns the width and center.

    Not exceeding the calculated range means that the width will be kept inside the range 1 to Original Width). The center will be kept inside the range of -Original Width to +Original Width.


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