SetRequestedImageThumbnail(RasterImage,int,int,int) Method


Sends the requested images to the control. This method is used when the low memory usage feature is enabled (for more information see EnableLowMemoryUsage(Int32,Int32,MedicalViewerImageInformation[]))

public void SetRequestedImageThumbnail( 
   RasterImage image, 
   int index, 
   int width, 
   int height 
Public Overloads Sub SetRequestedImageThumbnail( _ 
   ByVal image As RasterImage, _ 
   ByVal index As Integer, _ 
   ByVal width As Integer, _ 
   ByVal height As Integer _ 
void SetRequestedImageThumbnail(  
   RasterImage^ image, 
   int index, 
   int width, 
   int height 


The thumbnail to be set.

The index of the thumbnail in the image.

The width of the original image.

The height of the original image.

  • The low memory usage feature works by keeping the control from loading all the frames on runtime. Instead, the control will load only the frames that are currently visible on the cell. The control will send a request each time the user scrolls down or up, changes the number of visible frames, etc. For example, suppose the cell layout is a 2X2 (see Rows and Columns, and the user needs to load more than 100,000 frames, the control will not load them all. Instead, this method will send a FramesRequested event when the cell is loaded, requesting 4 frames (1, 2, 3 and 4) (because the cell is 2X2). Once the user scrolls down the cell to view frame number 5, frame number 1 will be disposed of because it is no longer visible, and the event will be fired to request frame number 5. When frames are requested, the user is supposed to send them to the control using the SetRequestedImage method.
  • If the low memory usage feature is not needed, load images directly by assigning the image to the cell using the Image property.


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