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Symbology Property

Gets or sets the barcode symbology (type) associated with this BarcodeData.
public virtual BarcodeSymbology Symbology { get; set; } 
Public Overridable Property Symbology As BarcodeSymbology 
@property (nonatomic, assign) LTBarcodeSymbology symbology 
public BarcodeSymbology getSymbology() 
public void setSymbology(BarcodeSymbology value) 
virtual property BarcodeSymbology Symbology { 
   BarcodeSymbology get(); 
   void set (    BarcodeSymbology ); 

Property Value

An BarcodeSymbology enumeration member that specifies the barcode symbology (type) associated with this BarcodeData. The default value is BarcodeSymbology.Unknown.


Reading Barcodes

The BarcodeReader.ReadBarcode or BarcodeReader.ReadBarcodes methods are used to read a barcode or more from an image. Each of these methods return an object or an array of objects of type BarcodeData for each barcode found. Inside each object, the value of the Symbology property will be set by the BarcodeReader object to the symbology (or type) of the barcode. You can examine this value to decide how to parse the data of the barcode stored in GetData or Value.

The value of Symbology will never be BarcodeSymbology.Unknown on BarcodeData objects returned from BarcodeReader.ReadBarcode or BarcodeReader.ReadBarcodes.

For a tutorial, refer to Reading Barcodes Tutorial.

Writing Barcodes

The BarcodeWriter.WriteBarcode method is used to write a barcodes to an image. You must create an instance of BarcodeData and fill its members before passing it to this method. The Symbology property inform the BarcodeWriter object of the symbology (or type) of barcode to write.

You cannot set the value of Symbology to BarcodeSymbology.Unknown when writing barcodes, as it will result in an exception being thrown. The reason for the exception is due to the object BarcodeWriter will not know the symbology (or type) of barcode to write.

For a tutorial, refer to Writing Barcodes Tutorial.


For an example, refer to BarcodeData For an example on writing barcodes, refer to BarcodeWriter.


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