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ImageType Property

Gets or sets the barcode image type when reading barcodes.
public BarcodeImageType ImageType { get; set; } 
Public Property ImageType As BarcodeImageType 
@property (nonatomic, assign) LTBarcodeImageType imageType 
public int getImageType() 
public void setImageType(BarcodeImageType value) 
property BarcodeImageType ImageType { 
   BarcodeImageType get(); 
   void set (    BarcodeImageType ); 

Property Value

A BarcodeImageType enumeration member that indicates the image type when reading barcodes. The default value is BarcodeImageType.ScannedDocument.


ImageType is used to determine the type of barcode image when reading barcodes. Barcode images generated by picture devices such as camera and video recorder may suffer problems different than the images generated by scanners, e.g., shadows, which may require special handling of the barcode image.

Unknown will try ScannedDocument type first and then if no barcodes were found, it will try Picture to that the engine will try both types of images. Therefore, using Unknown may naturally result in slower recognition speed. If you do not know the type of image or in a server situation were the images are sent from various source, then use Unknown to ensure that the engine exhausts all options trying to read the barcodes. LEADTOOLS barcode and Documents Web Services uses Unknown.


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