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BarcodeReadSymbologyEventArgs Class

Contains data for the ReadSymbology event.
public class BarcodeReadSymbologyEventArgs : EventArgs 
Public Class BarcodeReadSymbologyEventArgs  
   Inherits System.EventArgs 
@interface LTBarcodeReadSymbologyEventArgs : NSObject 
public class BarcodeReadSymbologyEvent extends LeadEvent 
public ref class BarcodeReadSymbologyEventArgs : public System.EventArgs  

You can use the ReadSymbology event to obtain information and set the status of the current barcode reading operation.

When reading barcodes using BarcodeReader.ReadBarcode or BarcodeReader.ReadBarcodes, the BarcodeReader object will fire the ReadSymbology event multiple times depending on the symbologies being read.

LEADTOOLS barcode reading is designed for speed and multiple barcode symbologies can be read (or searched for) in one operation as these barcodes share similar characteristics. Therefore, the symbologies being read are stored in a BarcodeSymbology array and can be obtained with the BarcodeReadSymbologyEventArgs.GetSymbologies method.

The following table lists the event members and their meanings:

Member Description

Can be either BarcodeReadSymbologyOperation.PreRead if the BarcodeReader is about to try reading the symbologies or BarcodeReadSymbologyOperation.PreRead when the reader has finished reading the objects.


Will return the current symbologies being searched for or that have been read.


The BarcodeReadOptions or one of its derived classes that specify the options being used to read the symbologies. This could be the options passed through the read methods or the default options set in BarcodeReader.


A BarcodeData object that contains the data of the barcode found. Only valid if Operation is BarcodeReadSymbologyOperation.PostRead and no error occurred. Otherwise, it will be null (Nothing in Visual Basic).


An Exception object that contains any error encountered during the current operation. If no errors are encountered, then this member will be null (Nothing in Visual Basic).


The status of the operation. The BarcodeReader will always set this member to BarcodeReadSymbologyEventArgs.Continue, which means proceed to the next phase of the read operation. You can set this member to BarcodeReadSymbologyStatus.Skip to skip reading the current symbologies (only when Operation is BarcodeReadSymbologyOperation.PreRead) or to abort the whole read operation by setting it to BarcodeReadSymbologyStatus.Abort.


For an example, refer to BarcodeReader.ReadSymbology.


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