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AAMVAIDBuilder Class Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method AddDataElementToSubfile Adds a data element to a given subfile.
Public Method Build Builds an AAMVAID. The final step in the AAMVAID writing process.
Public Method Dispose Disposes of this AAMVAIDBuilder.
Public Method Reset Resets this AAMVAIDBuilder to its post-initialization state.
Public Method SetJurisdiction Sets the AAMVAJurisdiction of the output AAMVAID.
Public Method SetJurisdictionVersion Sets the two character jurisdiction version of the output AAMVAID.
Public Method SetNumberOfEntries Sets the number of entries (subfiles) in the output AAMVAID.
Public Method SetSubfileType Sets the AAMVASubfileType of the subfile at the given index.
Public Method SetVersion Sets the AAMVAVersion of the output AAMVAID.

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