#include "ltkrn.h"
#include "ltclr.h"

L_LTCLR_API L_UINT32 L_DoubleTo2bFixed2bNumber(dNumber)

Converts a fraction number into a 2-bytes fixed, 2-bytes fraction format.


L_DOUBLE dNumber

A double fractional value to convert.


A 4-byte (2-bytes fixed, 2-bytes fraction) value that represents the value passed to the function.


This function is used for ICC profiles purposes. The returned value must be cast into one of the following types: L_IccS15Fixed16Number or L_IccU16Fixed16Number.

Each of these types is 4-bytes, divided into 2-bytes that contain the fixed part of the number, and 2-bytes that contain the fractional part of the number.

The (2b) found in the function name means (2-bytes).

Required DLLs and Libraries


Win32, x64.

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