Color Conversion to an Image (Visual Basic)

The color conversion C API provides direct color conversion to an image. To do a conversion, follow the steps below:

  1. Define the following global variables:

     Dim LABData(100) As Byte 
     Dim LBitmap As LEADBitmapHandle 
     Dim nWidth As Integer 
     Dim nHeight As Integer 
     Dim nInAlign As Integer 
     Dim nOutAlign As Integer 

  2. To convert 320x240 24 bit CIELab data to a LEAD bitmap with RGB24 do the following:

    L_ClrConvertDirectToBitmap CCS_LAB, CCS_BGR, LABData(0), LBitmap, Len(Lbitmap), nWidth, nHeight, nInAlign, nOutAlign 
    ' You can use the Lead bitmap as you want 

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