Dialog Based Initialization (Visual Basic)

The Color Conversion C API provides a color space dialog that can be used to initialize a conversion. To do a dialog based initialization follow the steps below:

  1. Define the following global variables:
    Dim RGBData(100) As Byte   
     Dim LABData(100) As Byte   
     Dim nWidth As Integer   
     Dim nHeight As Integer   
     Dim nInAlign As Integer   
     Dim nOutAlign As Integer   
     Dim ClrHandle As Long 'color handle   
     Dim cnvParam As CONVERSION\_PARAMS 
  2. Display the color space dialog box to initialize as follows:

    L_ClrDlg DLG_LAB, Form1.hWnd, ClrHandle, cnvParam

  3. Convert from RGB to CIELab as follows:

    L_ClrConvert ClrHandle, RGBData(0), LABData(0), nWidth, nHeight, nInAlign, nOutAlign

  4. At the end, free the color conversion handle:

    L_ClrFree ClrHandle

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