Data Types

Color Conversion Data Types

Data Type Defined As Notes
L_Icc7BitAscii L_UCHAR Must be terminated by NULL
Fixed Numbers
L_IccS15Fixed16Number L_INT32 Fixed signed 4 bytes, with 16 fractional bits
L_IccU16Fixed16Number L_UINT32 Fixed unsigned 4 bytes, with 16 fractional bits
L_IccU1Fixed15Number L_UINT16 Fixed unsigned 2 bytes, with 15 fractional bits
L_IccU8Fixed8Number L_UINT16 Fixed unsigned 2 bytes, with 8 fractional bits
Unsigned Integer Numbers
L_IccUInt16Number L_UINT16
L_IccUInt32Number L_UINT32
L_IccUInt64Number L_UINT64
L_IccUInt8Number L_UCHAR
Signed Integer Numbers
L_IccInt8Number L_CHAR
L_IccInt16Number L_INT16
L_IccIn328Number L_INT32
L_IccInt64Number L_INT64
L_IccSignature L_INT32

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