Built-in Conversion

The Color Conversion C API provides built-in conversion. To do a built-in conversion, follow the steps below:

  1. Define the following global variables:

     HANDLE ClrHandle;   
     CONVERSION_PARAMS params;   
     WHITEPOINT WPoint;   
     L_UCHAR *pRGBData;   
     L_UCHAR *pLABData;   
     L_INT nWidth;   
     L_INT nHeight;   
     L_INT nInAlign;   
     L_INT nOutAlign; 

  2. Set the conversion options by filling a CONVERSION_PARAMS structure:

     ZeroMemory(&params, sizeof(CONVERSION_PARAMS));      
     params.pWpoint = &WPoint;   
     params.uStructSize = sizeof(CONVERSION_PARAMS);   
     params.pWpoint->nWhitePoint = CIELAB_D50;   
     params.nQuantization = 8;   
     params.nMethod = USE_BUILTIN;   
     params.nActiveMethod = USE_BUILTIN;   
     params.pWpoint->xWhite = 0.0;   
     params.pWpoint->yWhite = 0.0; 

  3. Initialize the color conversion handle with L_ClrInit():

    L_ClrInit(&ClrHandle, CCS_RGB, CCS_LAB, &params);

  4. Convert from RGB to CIELab:

    L_ClrConvert(ClrHandle, pRGBData, pLABData, nWidth, nHeight, nInAlign, nOutAlign);

  5. At the end, free the color conversion handle:


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