Using the Automation Editing Capabilities

Start with the project you created in Using the Undoing/Redoing capabilities.

  1. Add the following menu structure to the Edit popup menu you created in Using the Undoing/Redoing capabilities after the &Redo item:

     Cu&t     with ID = IDM_EDIT_CUT 
     &Copy    with ID = IDM_EDIT_COPY 
     &Paste   with ID = IDM_EDIT_PASTE 
     &Delete  with ID = IDM_EDIT_DELETE 

  2. Add the following lines to the WndProc after the statement "return 0L ;" of the case IDM_EDIT_REDO in the WM_COMMAND message:

    case IDM_EDIT_CUT: 
    // Cut the current selection to the clipboard 
    L_AutCut(pAutomation, 0); 
    return 0L; 
    case IDM_EDIT_COPY: 
    // Copy the current selection to the clipboard 
    L_AutCopy(pAutomation, 0); 
    return 0L; 
    case IDM_EDIT_PASTE: 
    //check if there is a valid automation mode data on the clipboard 
    L_AutClipboardDataReady(pAutomation, &fState); 
    if (fState) 
       // paste the data to the current active container 
       L_AutPaste(pAutomation, 0); 
    return 0L; 
    case IDM_EDIT_DELETE: 
    // Delete the current selection 
    L_AutDelete(pAutomation, 0); 
    return 0L; 

  3. Compile and run the project by selecting Build->Execute tutorial.exe from the menu.

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