Introduction to the Container

The LEADTOOLS Container C API provides a means of automating drawing, as well as automating the collection and transformation of coordinates of objects within the container. Including the container in an application that requires drawing and coordinate transformation capabilities can decrease development time. The LEADTOOLS Container currently supports the following objects:

A container can be attached to a window. The window to which a container is attached is said to "own" that container. After attaching the container to a window, the container becomes responsible for collecting and transforming the coordinates of any selected objects in the container. This coordinate information is sent to a user-defined callback for further processing. The container also has the ability to associate object types with user-defined mouse cursors. For example, when a rectangle is being drawn in the container, one cursor is displayed. When a circle is being drawn in the container, a different cursor may be displayed. In addition, the container also has the ability to edit objects using coordinates and handles.

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LEADTOOLS Container and Automation C API Help