Programming with LEADTOOLS Containers and Automation

The following topics provide a systematic approach to understanding how to program with the LEADTOOLS Container and Automation C API.


Introduction to the Container

Initializing and Freeing Containers

Creating a Container

Getting and Setting Container Properties

Container Offsets

Container Scaling Values

Using the Container Callback

Displaying Objects

Editing Container Objects

Using the Container Object

General Automation

Initializing, Creating and Freeing Automation Handles

Automation and the Container

Editing Automation Containers

Processing the WM_HSCROLL and WM_VSCROLL Messages

Working with Objects within an Automation Container

The Automation Toolbar

Undoing and Redoing Automation Operations

Automation Printing

Vector Automation

Introduction to Vector Automation

Paint Automation

Introduction to Paint Automation

Controlling Painting Properties

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LEADTOOLS Container and Automation C API Help