Editing Automation Containers

The LEADTOOLS Automation SDK provides several functions for editing automation containers. These functions act on the active automation container. For editing functions that involve the clipboard, use the following:




To determine whether the clipboard contains valid automation data for pasting to the active automation container, call L_AutClipboardDataReady.

L_AutDelete deletes objects from the active automation container.

The following example determines whether valid automation data exists on the clipboard and, if it does, pastes that data into the active automation container.

/* This example shows how to paste the current clipboard contents (if any) to the current active automation */ 
L_INT PasteTest(pAUTOMATIONHANDLE pAutomation) 
   if (SUCCESS == L_AutIsValid(pAutomation)) /* verify the validity of the automation handle */ 
      L_BOOL fReady; 
      /* see if there is a valid automation mode data on the clipboard */ 
      L_AutClipboardDataReady(pAutomation, &fReady); 
      if (fReady) 
         /* paste the data to the current active container */ 
         L_AutPaste(pAutomation, 0); 
      return SUCCESS; 
      return FAILURE; 

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