typedef struct _CONTAINERMETRICS 
   L_INT nSize; 
   L_UINT32 dwMask; 
   COLORREF crBorder; 
   L_INT nHandleWidth; 
   L_INT nHandleHeight; 
   COLORREF crHandle; 
   L_BOOL fEnableHandles; 
   RECT rcLimits ; 
   LOGFONTW logTextFont ; 
   HPALETTE hPalette ; 

The CONTAINERMETRICS structure holds the information that controls the container's behavior.


L_INT nSize

Size of this structure.

L_UINT32 dwMask

Flags that indicate which members of this structure contain valid information. This member must be filled prior to calling L_ContainerGetMetrics or L_ContainerSetMetrics. Possible values are given below. These values can be combined using the bitwise OR operator (|).

Value Meaning
CMF_ALL All the fields will be used.
CMF_BORDERCOLOR Indicates that the crBorder field will be used.
CMF_HANDLEWIDTH Indicates that the nHandleWidth field will be used.
CMF_HANDLEHEIGHT Indicates that the nHandleHeight field will be used.
CMF_HANDLECOLOR Indicates that the crHandle field will be used.
CMF_ENABLEHANDLES Indicates that the fEnableHandles field will be used.
CMF_LIMITS Indicates that the rcLimits field will be used.
CMF_LOGTEXTFONT Indicates that the logTextFont field will be used.
CMF_TEXTALIGNMENT Indicates that the nTextAlignment will be used.
CMF_PALETTE Indicates that the hPalette field will be used.


Specifies the color of the pen used for drawing objects within the container. The default color is RGB ( 0, 0, 0 ).

L_INT nHandleWidth

Specifies the width, in logical units, of the handle used when editing an object. The default value is 4.

L_INT nHandleHeight

Specifies the height, in logical units, of the handle used when editing an object. The default value is 4.


Specifies the color of the pen used when drawing the handle. The default color is RGB (0, 0, 0 ).

L_BOOL fEnableHandles

Flag that indicates whether the handle used when editing objects within the container is enabled or disabled. Possible values are:

Value Meaning
TRUE The handle is enabled. (Default)
FALSE The handle is disabled.

RECT rcLimits

RECT structure that contains the boundaries of the container. Any point outside the specified boundaries will not be processed. The container transformation values (scaling and offset) are taken into consideration when determining whether the point is inside the container. The default container boundaries are {0, 0, 0, 0 }. Be sure to set the limits value before getting data from the container.

LOGFONTW logTextFont

Pointer to a LOGFONTW structure that contains the characteristics of the logical font used with the container text object(s). The default values for this field are:

Value Meaning
logTextFont.lfHeight 14
logTextFont.lfWidth 0
logTextFont.lfEscapement 0
logTextFont.lfOrientation 0
logTextFont.lfWeight FW_NORMAL
logTextFont.lfItalic FALSE
logTextFont.lfUnderline FALSE
logTextFont.lfStrikeOut FALSE
logTextFont.lfCharSet ANSI_CHARSET
logTextFont.lfOutPrecision OUT_DEFAULT_PRECIS
logTextFont.lfClipPrecision CLIP_DEFAULT_PRECIS
logTextFont.lfQuality DEFAULT_QUALITY
logTextFont.lfPitchAndFamily FF_DONTCARE
logTextFont.lfFaceName Times New Roman


A constant that specifies the text alignment of the container's text object(s). Possible values for the CONTAINERALIGNMENT enumeration are:

Value Meaning
CONTAINER_ALIGNMENT_LEFT (Default Value) Left-aligns text in the container text object.
CONTAINER_ALIGNMENT_HCENTER Centers text in the container text object.
CONTAINER_ALIGNMENT_RIGHT Right-aligns text in the container text object.


The HPALETTE handle of the palette used to draw the container objects. This should be the same palette used to paint the window that owns the container. The default value for this member is NULL.

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