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Leadtools.Windows.Media Introduction


The Leadtools.Windows.Media namespace contains classes that add support for the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) framework introduced in Microsoft .NET 3.0. These classes let you convert a LEADTOOLS image (Leadtools.RasterImage) to and from a WPF image (System.Windows.Media.ImageSource).

Key Features:

  • Convert a LEADTOOLS image (Leadtools.RasterImage) to a WPF image (System.Windows.Media.ImageSource).
  • Convert a WPF image (System.Windows.Media.ImageSource) to a LEADTOOLS image (Leadtools.RasterImage).

LEADTOOLS toolkits ship with many demos that show how to use the LEADTOOLS for .NET toolkit in a WPF application. All LEADTOOLS demos come in C# and VB.NET versions:


  • The ProMainDemo shows an example of using LEADTOOLS to perform image processing on a WPF image.

Supported Environments

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