Add(string,int,int,string) Method


Adds a new thumbnail element from an image to the end of the WebThumbnailsViewer control and specify the thumbnail text.

public void Add( 
   string imageUrl, 
   int firstPage, 
   int lastPage, 
   string text 
Public Overloads Sub Add( _ 
   ByVal imageUrl As String, _ 
   ByVal firstPage As Integer, _ 
   ByVal lastPage As Integer, _ 
   ByVal text As String _ 
void Add(  
   String^ imageUrl, 
   int firstPage, 
   int lastPage, 
   String^ text 


The image URL or image virtual path to which to add its page(s) as thumbnail(s). Each page will be added as a new thumbnail.

The 1-based index of the first page to load.

The 1-based index of the last page to load. Must be greater than or equal to firstPage. You can pass -1 to load from firstPage to the last page in the file.

The thumbnail item text.


This example initializes the WebThumbnailViewer control and connect it to a WebImageViewer control, then loads some pages from "multipage.tif" file into it and set their text, then select the first thumbnail to display its image into the WebImageViewer control.

using Leadtools; 
using Leadtools.Codecs; 
using Leadtools.Web.Controls; 
public void WebThumbnailViewer_InitWebThumbnailViewerWithText(WebThumbnailViewer webThumbnailViewer, string webViewerID) 
   webThumbnailViewer.CacheFolder = "MyCacheFolderName"; 
   webThumbnailViewer.ResourcesPath = @"Resources"; 
   webThumbnailViewer.BrowserImageFormat = BrowserImageFormat.Jpeg; 
   webThumbnailViewer.HorizontalAlignMode = ImageViewerAlignMode.Center; 
   webThumbnailViewer.VerticalAlignMode = ImageViewerAlignMode.Center; 
   webThumbnailViewer.LayoutDirection = LayoutDirection.Horizontal; 
   webThumbnailViewer.ThumbStyle.BackColor = Color.LightGray; 
   webThumbnailViewer.ThumbStyle.Cursor = "pointer"; 
   webThumbnailViewer.ThumbStyle.HoverBackColor = Color.Gray; 
   webThumbnailViewer.SelectedThumbStyle.BackColor = Color.Red; 
   webThumbnailViewer.SelectedThumbStyle.Cursor = "default"; 
   webThumbnailViewer.SelectedThumbStyle.HoverBackColor = Color.DarkRed; 
   webThumbnailViewer.ThumbPadding = 10; 
   webThumbnailViewer.ThumbSpacing = 10; 
   webThumbnailViewer.ViewerID = webViewerID; 
   webThumbnailViewer.ThumbSize = new Size(120, 120); 
   webThumbnailViewer.ShowItemText = true; 
   webThumbnailViewer.Add(@"Resources\multipage.tif", 1, 1, "Page1"); 
   webThumbnailViewer.Add(@"Resources\multipage.tif", 1, 2, "Page2"); 
   webThumbnailViewer.SelectedIndex = 0; 
Imports Leadtools 
Imports Leadtools.Codecs 
Imports Leadtools.ImageProcessing 
Imports Leadtools.Web.Controls 
Public Sub WebThumbnailViewer_InitWebThumbnailViewerWithText(ByVal webThumbnailViewer As WebThumbnailViewer, ByVal webViewerID As String) 
   webThumbnailViewer.CacheFolder = "MyCacheFolderName" 
   webThumbnailViewer.ResourcesPath = "Resources" 
   webThumbnailViewer.BrowserImageFormat = BrowserImageFormat.Jpeg 
   webThumbnailViewer.HorizontalAlignMode = ImageViewerAlignMode.Center 
   webThumbnailViewer.VerticalAlignMode = ImageViewerAlignMode.Center 
   webThumbnailViewer.LayoutDirection = LayoutDirection.Horizontal 
   webThumbnailViewer.ThumbStyle.BackColor = Color.LightGray 
   webThumbnailViewer.ThumbStyle.Cursor = "pointer" 
   webThumbnailViewer.ThumbStyle.HoverBackColor = Color.Gray 
   webThumbnailViewer.SelectedThumbStyle.BackColor = Color.Red 
   webThumbnailViewer.SelectedThumbStyle.Cursor = "default" 
   webThumbnailViewer.SelectedThumbStyle.HoverBackColor = Color.DarkRed 
   webThumbnailViewer.ThumbPadding = 10 
   webThumbnailViewer.ThumbSpacing = 10 
   webThumbnailViewer.ViewerID = webViewerID 
   webThumbnailViewer.ThumbSize = New Size(120, 120) 
   webThumbnailViewer.ShowItemText = True 
   webThumbnailViewer.Add("Resources\multipage.tif", 1, 1, "Page1") 
   webThumbnailViewer.Add("Resources\multipage.tif", 1, 2, "Page2") 
   webThumbnailViewer.SelectedIndex = 0 
End Sub 


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