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Leadtools.Twain Introduction


The LEADTOOLS TWAIN .Net toolkit provides a powerful set of functions spanning the full spectrum of digital imaging, including in-depth support for image acquisition from a wide variety of hardware devices. Both TWAIN Specification versions (v1.9 and v2.x) are supported. This toolkit is included with LEADTOOLS Raster, Vector, Medical, and Document Imaging products.

Key Features

With the LEADTOOLS TWAIN .Net toolkit, you can:

  • Control any scanner, digital camera or capture card that has a TWAIN device driver. High-level acquisition support is provided for ease of use. Low-level functionality is also provided for flexibility and control in even the most demanding applications.
  • Do anything that your TWAIN v2.x driver supports. If your TWAIN driver is not v2.x or does not support a functionality listed below, then LEADTOOLS will support all of the features that the driver has that are compatible with the TWAIN v2.x specification.
  • Give your applications access to the wide variety of devices which can acquire images via TWAIN from manufacturers such as Kodak, Hewlett Packard, Microtek, Logitech, Fuji, and others.

The LEADTOOLS TWAIN .Net toolkit can be used to:

  • Manage and handle multiple TWAIN sources like scanners, barcode readers, and digital cameras.
  • Acquire pages from a specified source.
  • Use the default user interface included with the TWAIN driver.
  • Create your own user interface to the driver interface.
  • Negotiate the TWAIN File System used for digital cameras.
  • Bypass the interface entirely for completely automated tasks or batch scanning.
  • Control the type of image which is acquired (black & white, b/w with halftone, grayscale, color - as supported by the device).
  • Control the resolution (dpi), position, size, and orientation of the image to be acquired.
  • Use the Automated Document Feeder for single- and multipage scans, including support for duplex scanning.
  • Use selection dialogs to allow selection of TWAIN source, or select among multiple TWAIN sources in code.
  • Use native, buffered memory, or file transfer modes when acquiring from a TWAIN device.
  • Flexibly get and set all TWAIN v2.x capabilities that the device's TWAIN driver supports.
  • Save the device's TWAIN capability settings to a template file.
  • Save multiple source settings and load them as needed.
  • Save Memory Buffered Transfer data directly to a file.
  • Get the Extended Image Info that some TWAIN scanner drivers support. For example, if the scanner driver supports reading barcodes or patch codes, then that information could be retrieved via LEADTOOLS TWAIN support.
  • Use compression support for buffered memory transfer mode. The scan data is compressed using JPEG, RLE, BITFIELDS, GROUP 3, GROUP 4 or PACKBITS to reduce the data transfer bottle neck.

Supported Environments

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