Leadtools.Sane.Server Namespace

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Overview and description of Leadtools Sane Server classes, and interfaces.

Class Description
ClientConnectionEvent Provides data for the ClientListener.clientStarted and ClientListener.clientStopped events.
Class CommandEvent Provides data for the ICommandCallBack callback.
Class ImageProcessingEvent Provides data for the ImageProcessingListener.begin and ImageProcessingListener.end events.
Class PageImageProcessingEvent Provides data for the ImageProcessingListener.process event.
Class SaneError Contains the SANE error data.
Class SaneScanningService The SANE scanning service implementation
Class SaneServer Enables applications to handle SANE scanning requests.
Class SaneStatus Provides the status data for the SaneScanningService.getStatus method.

Interface Description
ClientListener The listener interface for receiving client session events.
Interface ICommandCallBack Interface implements callback to run custom user commands.
Interface ICommandService Defines methods for running user commands.
Interface IImageProcessingService Defines generic methods for performing image processing commands on images in the Leadtools.Sane session manager.
Interface ImageProcessingListener The listener interface for receiving image processing events.
Interface ISaneScanningService Defines the methods required to implement the SANE service.
Interface ISaneService Defines basic support for SANE scanning functionality

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Leadtools.Sane.Server Assembly