Leadtools.Printer Namespace

Inheritance Hierarchy

Overview and description of Leadtools Printer classes, and enumerations.

Class Description
EmfEventArgs Provides information about the EmfEvent.
Class JobEventArgs Provides information about the JobEvent.
Class PrintingLogger This class allows the user to control the logging of successful and or failed printer driver operations.
Class Printer The Printer class provides support for the LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer functionality.
Class PrinterDriverException The exception that is thrown when a printing error occurs.
Class PrinterInfo The PrinterInfo class provides information for installing or uninstalling LEADTOOLS Virtual Printers.
Class PrinterSpecifications The PrinterSpecifications class provides information about the print quality, paper size, paper orientation, and paper margins.
Class PrintJobData Contains the data sent from the client machine, related to a specified print job.

Enumeration Description
EventState Provides information about the current JobEvent state.
Enumeration PrintingOperations Enumeration that indicates the printer operation to be logged.
Enumeration PrinterDriverExceptionCode Provides information about LEADTOOLS Virtual Printer Driver exception codes.

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