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The LEADTOOLS MedicalViewer namespace allows you to incorporate Image Viewer Control functions in your applications. It provides support for displaying one or more images and for the real-time manipulation of one or more images .The LEADTOOLS MedicalViewer namespace is included in the LEADTOOLS  Medical Imaging toolkit.

This namespace is a high-level component for building medical display applications such as DICOM viewers, view stations, teleradiology solutions, and high-end diagnostic workstations found in radiology and other medical specialty departments. When building a PACS for radiology, cardiology, mammography, ophthalmology, pathology, dermatology, dentistry or any other specialty, this namespace will eliminate project complexity and provide a solid, reliable foundation. Typical applications that can be built using this namespace include:

Key Features

The demo is capable of performing photometric interpretation, and can display Monochrome1 and Monochrome2 images. Supported Environments

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Programming with LEADTOOLS Medical Viewer Namespace

Applying Actions

Creating a Bitmap Region Inside the Image Viewer

Image Viewer Cells

Implementing Animation

Using the Image Viewer

Working with Annotations

Getting Started (Guide to Example Programs)

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