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Overview and description of Leadtools Jpeg2000 classes, enumerations, and structures.

Class Description
AssociationBox The Association box allows data in the file to be associated with other data in the file.
Class BinaryFilterBox The Binary filter box allows a portion of the file to be further compressed or encoded (i.e. encrypted).
Class CompositeJpxImages CompositeJpxImages specifies the layer color, opacity, pre-multiplied opacity, and compression information.
Class CompositionBox The Composition box specifies how individual composition layers are combined to create the rendered result.
Class DigitalSignatureBox A checksum or digital signature that can be used to verify the data contained within the file.
Class FreeBox The Free box specifies a section of the file that is being currently used and can be overwritten when editing the file.
Class GmlData GmlData contains the Geography Markup Language (GML) information for a single code stream or multiple code streams.
Class GtsoBox The Graphics Technology Standard Output (GTSO) box specifies the desired reproduction of the rendered result for commercial printing and proofing systems.
Class InstructionSet An Instruction Set box containing a set of rendering instructions, each represented through a series of composition parameters.
Class IprBox The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) box contains the intellectual properties rights information about a JPEG 2000 file.
Class Jpeg2000Box The Jpeg2000Box is the base class for Jpeg2000SingleBox and Jpeg2000MultiBox classes.
Class Jpeg2000Engine This class contains functions that allow you to write JPEG 2000 Part 2 (JPX) images and manipulate JPX boxes, frames, GML Data, and other advanced JPX features.
Class Jpeg2000MultiBox The Jpeg2000MultiBox is the base class for all LEADTOOLS JPEG 2000 boxes that are allowed to have more than one box in a JPEG 2000 file.
Class Jpeg2000SingleBox The Jpeg2000SingleBox is the base class for all LEADTOOLS JPEG 2000 boxes that are not allowed to have more than one box in a JPEG 2000 file.
Class MediaDataBox This box contains a fragment of JPEG 2000 code stream or other media data, such as MPEG-4 audio data.
Class Mpeg7Box This box contains metadata in MPEG-7 Binary format (BiM) as defined by ISO/IEC 15938.
Class ResolutionBox The Resolution box specifies the capture and default display resolutions of the image.
Class UuidBox The UUID box contains vendor-specific information.
Class UuidInformationBox A UUID Information box contains vendor information in a standard form that can be used by non-extended applications to get more information about the extension of the file.
Class UuidList The UUID List box contains a list of UUIDs.
Class XmlBox An XML box contains vendor-specific information (in XML format).

Structure Description
BoxInformationElement Provides information for the specified JPEG 2000 box type.
Structure CompositionBoxOptions The Composition Options box specifies parameters that apply to the composition or animation as a whole. CompositionBox.
Structure Fragment Fragment that provides information for the code streams that are going to be taken out of the JPEG 2000 file and saved to the specified URL.
Structure GmlElement The GmlElement structure provides information about a single GML data element that has a label and associated XML data and is attached to a single code stream.
Structure InstructionSetParameter InstructionSetParameter specifies the parameters for a single instruction.
Structure Jpeg2000FileInformation Provides information about JPEG 2000 file contents.
Structure Jpeg2000FrameInformation Provides information for a single JPEG 2000 frame.
Structure UuidId The ID value that specifies the format of the vendor-specific information and how to interpret that information.
Structure UuidUrl A Uniform Resource Locator (URL)containing more information about the associated vendor-specific extensions.

Enumeration Description
CompositeJpxImageFormat This enumeration is used with CompositeJpxImages to specify the compression type to be used to compress the image data.
Enumeration Jpeg2000BoxType This enumeration specifies the JPEG 2000 box type.
Enumeration Jpeg2000FileFormat This enumeration specifies the supported JPEG 2000 file formats.

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