AnnThumbStyle Object


Base class for all HTML Canvas renderers thumb styles.

function lt.Annotations.Rendering.AnnThumbStyle 
	implements IAnnThumbStyle 
class lt.Annotations.Rendering.AnnThumbStyle() 
	implements IAnnThumbStyle 


AnnThumbStyle is the default thumb style and renderer for the annotation objects when used with AnnHtml5RenderingEngine. This is an abstract class that will implement most common operations, while actual rendering of the object is implemented in the derived class for the objects.

LEADTOOLS ships with the following thumb style implementations:

AnnObjectRenderer is the class responsible for rendering annotation objects, as well as rendering the objects themselves, the object renderer is responsible for rendering the thumbs used when the object is in a selected state.

The framework will call AnnObjectRenderer.RenderThumbs and AnnObjectRenderer.RenderRotatePointThumbs to render the selection and rotation thumbs at a specified location. These method will then call the AnnThumbStyle.Render of its LocationsThumbStyle, RotateCenterThumbStyle and RotateGripperThumbStyle objects to render the actual thumbs.

The annotations thumb style contains the following members:

Member Description
The size of the thumb in container units.
The style to use for filling the thumb.
The style to use for drawing the thumb.
Called by the framework to render a thumb at a specified location.
Called by the framework to check if a test point is on top of the thumb if rendered at a specified location.

When implementing a user-defined thumb style, one of the tasks required is to render the thumbs of an annotation object. You can derive your thumb style from this class and use its helper methods. For more information, refer to Implementing User-Defined Thumb Styles With LEADTOOLS Annotations.


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