AnnFreeHandSelectionDrawDesigner Class


Extends the AnnDrawDesigner class, providing functionality for free hand selection when using the AnnSelectionObject on an annotation container.

function lt.Annotations.Designers.AnnFreeHandSelectionDrawDesigner 
	extends lt.Annotations.Designers.AnnFreehandDrawDesigner 
class lt.Annotations.Designers.AnnFreeHandSelectionDrawDesigner() 
	extends AnnFreehandDrawDesigner 


LEADTOOLS by default uses the rectangle draw designer (AnnRectangleDrawDesigner) with the selection object (AnnSelectionObject). The user can select objects by rubber-banding a rectangle on the annotation container and any object that intersects with the area will be selected.

AnnFreeHandSelectionDrawDesigner can be used instead to allow the user to select objects by drawing a free hand area and selecting the objects inside the area only. This can be done by setting AnnFreeHandSelectionDrawDesigner as the type of the draw designer of AnnAutomationObject for the selected object or by simply using the AnnAutomationManager.useFreehandSelection property.


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