DicomServerExeName Property


Gets or sets the name of the Windows Server EXE for the LEADTOOLS PACS Framework.

public static string DicomServerExeName { get; set; } 
Public Shared Property DicomServerExeName As String 
static property String^ DicomServerExeName { 
   String^ get(); 
   void set (    String^ ); 

Property Value

The name of the Windows Server EXE for the LEADTOOLS PACS Framework.


This property specifies the name of the Windows Server EXE for the LEADTOOLS PACS Framework, which is a .NET assembly that ships with PACSFramework The default value for this is 'Leadtools.Dicom.Server.exe'.

Developers that choose to rename the 'Leadtools.Dicom.Server.exe' assembly should assign this property to have the new name. When renaming 'Leadtools.Dicom.Server.exe', the corresponding configuration file should be renamed as well (Leadtools.Dicom.Server.exe.config). The new name should not be fully qualified with the path. The assumption is that the 'Leadtools.Dicom.Server.exe' assembly is in the same directory as all other LEADTOOLS binaries.

Note that any DICOM services created prior to renaming 'Leadtools.Dicom.Server.exe' must be re-created. The reason for this is that each created DICOM Service stores the full path of 'Leadtools.Dicom.Server.exe' in the registry. For example, after running the CSPacsConfigDemo.exe with a default installation, the registry contains the following for the LXX_SERVER32 DICOM serverice:

d:\lead15\dist\Bin19\dotnet4\win32\debug\Leadtools.Dicom.Server.exe /name="LXX_SERVER32"

In addition to changing this program programatically, users can achieve the same result through a configuration file. When the Leadtools.Dicom.Server.Admin.dll assembly loads, it checks the app.config configuration file for the following key. If found, the DicomServerExeName property will be assigned the appropriate value. In the example below, it would be "YourRenamed_Leadtools.Dicom.Server.exe".

   <add key="DicomServerExeName" value="YourRenamed_Leadtools.Dicom.Server.exe"/> 

Most developers will choose not to rename 'Leadtools.Dicom.Server.exe'. In this case, there is no need to change the value of the DicomServerExeName property.


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Leadtools.Dicom.Server.Admin Assembly