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Leadtools.Dicom.Annotations supports the annotation format used in the v19 and later LEADTOOLS toolkits.

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Leadtools.Dicom.Annotations.dll -

Provides the main functionality for converting LEADTOOLS Annotations to and from the DICOM format specified in part 3 of the DICOM Specification, under the description for the “Graphic Annotation Module” (i.e. DICOM Annotations).

In addition, there are methods and properties that allow you to do the following:

  • Convert LEAD annotations to the DICOM Annotation format (DICOM Text Object, DICOM Graphic Object, DICOM Compound Graphic)
  • Convert annotations stored in the DICOM Annotation format to a LEAD Annotation.




Library Description Dependencies
Leadtools.Dicom.Annotations.dll Core Library


NuGet PackageDescription
Leadtools.Medical.Viewer.WinForms Medical Viewer Library for WinForms

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