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Leadtools.Ccow Introduction (PACS)


LEADTOOLS CCOW SDK functionality encapsulates HL7's vendor independent Context Management Architecture standards. Context Management is a dynamic computer process that uses 'subjects of interest' in one application, to point to data resident in a separate application also containing the same subject. Incorporating CCOW interface standards into the LEADTOOLS PACS Framework Imaging enables developers to link and synchronize applications. Applications share information so that they appear to behave as a single system: creating the illusion of a single authenticated system at point-of-use, rather than disparate applications from multiple vendors.

Advantages of CCOW: 

  • Widespread interoperability, allowing selection of clinical applications that meet specific needs regardless of the vendor.
  • Context-oriented workflow, improving access to patient data from different applications based on subjects of interest(context).
  • Fast, unified access for clinicians to patient data, whenever needed.
  • Single sign-on management capabilities, reducing the number sign-ons to disparate applications.
  • Patient information accessibility, supporting better clinical decision-making.In short, CCOW leverages existing investment. Health providers can realize the benefits of a single sign-on,  patient-focused information system without re-investing in new technologies.

 LEADTOOLS CCOW  consists of:

  • Context participants
  • Context managers
  • Mapping agents
  • Authentication Repository

Supported Environments

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