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Assembly Class


Utility class to force dynamic loading of this assembly in the MAUI and Xamarin platforms.

Xamarin Framework Deprecation

As of LEADTOOLS v23, The cross-platform Xamarin framework has been deprecated and replaced with LEADTOOLS .NET MAUI framework.

For any LEADTOOLS Xamarin apps you have already built, we recommend you migrate to the LEADTOOLS .NET MAUI framework. To help you with the migration, review the LEADTOOLS .NET MAUI tutorials to get you started.

This change is driven by Microsoft's announcement to end Xamarin support.

public static class Assembly 
   ref class Assembly sealed abstract 
class Assembly: 

The Xamarin iOS compiler tries to strip out any assemblies that are not directly referenced in the project source. When developing for Xamarin iOS, if the application's linker setting is set to anything other than Don't Link, you must call Assembly.Use.

Therefore, if the application is using any of the assemblies in the table below indirectly, a call to the corresponding Assembly.Use must be added in the source code.

.NetStandard Assembly Usage
Leadtools.Core Leadtools.Core.Assembly.Use();
Leadtools.Ocr.LEADEngine Leadtools.Ocr.LEADEngine.Assembly.Use();
Leadtools.Svg Leadtools.Svg.Assembly.Use();
Leadtools.Forms.Recognition.Ocr Leadtools.Forms.Recognition.Ocr.Assembly.Use();
Leadtools.Forms.Recognition.Barcode Leadtools.Forms.Recognition.Barcode.Assembly.Use();

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Leadtools.Svg Assembly

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