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LEADTOOLS Media Foundation SDK

The LEADTOOLS Media Foundation SDK is designed to provide developers with a full range of tools required to create professional, high-quality multimedia applications. With it you can add multimedia functionality such as Capture, Play, and Convert, as well as the latest Media Foundation filters and multimedia file support . You can load many common file formats, such as WAV, AVI, WMA, WMV, MPEG-2, OGG, FLV, MKV  and others. You can convert to common media foundation file formats, such as WMV, MPEG-4, and LEADTOOLS MKV.

The LEADTOOLS toolkit is flexible and gives you full control over the input, middle and output samples:

Input data can come from the following sources:

Data can be output to the following targets:

The input streams can be very different (MPEG-2 Transport over UDP, TCP/IP, or RTSP server feeding RTP packets, http stream, etc), but as far as your application is concerned, all you have to do is set the stream URL as the source and the toolkit handles the rest. The output is handled in the same way: set the output to a URL and the toolkit will take care of streaming the data.

The LEADTOOLS Media Foundation toolkit setup installs media sources, processors/transforms, codecs/compressors, and sinks. These filters are included with the LEADTOOLS Media Foundation SDK. In addition, these filters can be licensed on an a la carte basis. For more information regarding licensing, refer to the Multimedia Licensing Help.

Key Features

Media Foundation Filters

Product Demonstrations



Feature Diagrams

The LEADTOOLS Media Foundation API provides dynamic link library (DLL) functions that can perform the following tasks:

For more information, see the Feature Diagrams below.

Product Demonstrations

Nearly 15 example programs and executable demos are included in all LEADTOOLS products. The executable demos provide a quick and easy way to evaluate the Multimedia features and performance. Examples include:

Look for these executables in the different Bin subdirectories of the root installation directory for LEADTOOLS (for example, C:\LEADTOOLS 20\Bin\CDLLVC10\Win32).

Audio/Video Codecs and Media Foundation Filters

The Media Foundation SDK includes release versions of many LEAD Audio/Video Codecs and filters. Click here for a complete list.

Also included are evaluation versions of the other LEAD Audio/Video Codecs and Filters. Click here for a complete list. For pricing on these Media Foundation filter client licenses, contact  


LEADTOOLS Media Foundation API  features require a number of files that you must include when you build your application.


LEADTOOLS Media Foundation comes in both Win32 and x64 editions. For more information, refer to Supported Platforms / Operating Systems.

Feature Diagrams

Capture to file:


Play a file:

Convert a file to a file:

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