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Leadtools.SpecialEffects Introduction


LEADTOOLS Special Effects functions can be used for for enhancing multimedia projects or presentation applications. You can use many paint effects, dissolves, and transitions.  Effect options allow you to choose from over 2000 paint effects, 36 gradients, 80 shapes, 12 3-D text styles, 64 dissolves and 43 transition effects with delays, grain sizes, pattern brushes and a colored wand, all with control over the speed and granularity of each effect.   You can also draw plain or three-dimensional text and graphic shapes on the screen or on the bitmap.

With LEADTOOLS special effects you can develop visually stimulating multimedia projects, presentation applications, or enhance websites. For eaxample, you can:

  • Specify an effect that is applied when painting the image from a bitmap.

  • Specify a transition between images, which is an effect that paints a pattern or gradient color (instead of the image from a bitmap).

  • Control the speed, granularity, multiple paint passes, transparent color, and wand usage when painting images or transitions.

  • Specify a transparent color and paint a control with a transparent background.

When drawing shapes or text objects on the screen or on the bitmap, you can:

  • Paint a rectangular area that contains a pattern or gradient color. This is useful for creating a bitmap that can be used as the background of a shape object or the foreground of a text object.

  • Draw a shape with a three-dimensional appearance. The shape can be one of 80 variations of rectangles, triangles, circles, and so forth, or it can be created from an existing Windows region.

  • Draw a text object with a three-dimensional appearance. The text can be rotated with precision to a tenth of a degree.

  • Specify a bitmap to use as the background of a shape, or as the foreground of a text object.

  • Draw a frame with a three-dimensional appearance.

  • Draw a simple Windows-style line, rectangle, or ellipse, with standard options for the draw-mode, pen, and fill.

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