Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.ExternalControl Namespace

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Overview and description of Leadtools Medical WebViewer ExternalControl classes, and enumerations.

Class Description
Class ErrorStrings Error strings for the MedicalWebViewerExternalController.
Class HeartBeatEventArgs Contains data for the MedicalWebViewerExternalController.HeartBeatEvent event.
Class InstanceInfo Provides information about a particular instance.
Class LogoutEventArgs Contains data for the MedicalWebViewerExternalController.LogoutEvent event.
Class MedicalWebViewerExternalController The class used to control the MedicalWebViewer from a .NET application.
Class PatientInfo The PatientInfo class contains information about a patient.
Class Permission The Permission class contains information describing a permission.
Class Role The Role class contains information describing a role.
Class SeriesInfo The SeriesInfo class contains information about a series.
Class CustomTuple<T1,T2> Provides a data structure of tuple, which has a 2 elements.
Class StudyInfo The StudyInfo class contains information about a study.

Enumeration Description
Enumeration ControllerReturnCode An enumeration containing the possible return codes for the MedicalWebViewerExternalController's public methods.
Enumeration CreateUserOptions Specifies options for creating and updating users for the viewer.
Enumeration FindPatientOptions An enumeration containing the possible options for MedicalWebViewerExternalController calls.
Enumeration MedicalWebViewerBrowser Enumeration used to specify which browser the MedicalWebViewerExternalController will launch.

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Leadtools.Medical.WebViewer.ExternalControl Assembly