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Leadtools.Jpeg2000 Introduction


LEADTOOLS JPEG 2000 features allow you to load and save JPEG 2000 files and code streams, through the Leadtools.Codecs and the Leadtools.Jpeg2000 assemblies. JPEG 2000 is a wavelet-based image compression standard that can store several resolutions of the image in the same file without duplication. It supports multiple code streams per file.

All LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro, Document Imaging, and Medical Imaging toolkits can read /write JPEG 2000 file formats (JP2 and J2K) and (read/parse) JPX format files using the Leadtools.Codecs assembly.  LEADTOOLS Document and Medical Imaging toolkits also add support for saving JPX files and manipulating JPX boxes, frames, GML Data, and other advanced JPX features (through the Leadtools.Jpeg2000 assembly).

Key JP2 and J2K Features:

  • Color Transforms
  • Compression Settings
  • Multiple resolution representation (Wavelet Decomposition Level)
  • Random code stream access and processing (Progression Order)
  • Progressive transmission (Advanced)
  • Tile Size
  • Error resilience for transmission in noisy environments, such as wireless and the Internet.
  • Region-of-Interest coding

Key JPX Features:

The JPX (JPEG 2000 Part2) file format is especially useful for document, medical, and satellite imagery archiving systems.  JPX support enables you to:

  • Maintain full control of code streams, frames, and metadata
  • Append and extract all standard metadata boxes, such as XML, digital signature, and intellectual property
  • Append and extract additional images (frames)
  • Save lists of bitmaps, such as 3D volumetric encoded slices
  • Include support for 24, 32, 48, 64 bit RGB and 8, 12-16 bit grayscale* code streams
  • Add opacity channels
  • Read and write GML data
  • Support fragmentation, making it possible to:
    • Edit an image, resaving the changed tiles and placing them at the end of the file
    • Distribute images across several disks for faster access
    • Distribute the image across the Internet, allowing only certain users access to the high quality or high resolution portions of the code stream
    • Reuse headers from within a code stream across multiple code streams (to minimize file overhead when storing similar code streams within the same JPX file)

Supported Environments

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