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LEADTOOLS supports your programming endeavors with thousands of code snippets, examples, tutorials, and demo programs. LEADTOOLS demo programs showcase LEADTOOLS core features and demonstrate some of the simple-yet-powerful applications that can be produced with LEADTOOLS.

Demo Project Source Code

LEADTOOLS includes complete demo project source code for hundreds of LEADTOOLS features. This enables you to see, manipulate, and copy demonstrated program functionality. Demo project source code is found on the installation path in the appropriate platform subdirectory of the \EXAMPLES\ folder (for example, C:\LEADTOOLS xx\Examples\JS\).

Some popular JavaScript demos are listed below. To learn more about the back-end services associated with these projects, see LEADTOOLS Web Services.

Document Viewer Demos

Located in Examples\JS\Documents\DocumentViewer

Contains LEADTOOLS applications for interacting with documents served from a back-end service.

The Document Viewer Demo (App1) allows the user to view thumbnails, retrieve text, read barcodes, follow bookmarks and links, print, and convert to other formats.

The Document Comparison Demo (App3) allows the user to compare two documents side-by-side or with an opacity overlay.

The Document Composer Demo (App4) allows the user to create new documents from the pages of existing documents.


Located in Examples\JS\Documents\BasicDemos

Contains a separate demo application for each of the following LEADTOOLS features (organized here by technology)

  • Recognition
    • Bank Check Reader Demo
    • Barcode Reader Demo
    • Driver License Recognition Demo
    • MRTD (Passport) Reader Demo
    • OCR Demo
  • Image Processing
    • Image Processing Demo
  • Annotations
    • Annotations Demo
  • Image Viewing
    • ImageViewer Styles Demo
    • Drag and Drop Demo
    • Thumbnails Viewer Demo
    • Image Viewer Demo

TypeScript Demo

Located in Examples\JS\Documents\TypeScriptDemo

Shows how to use LEADTOOLS JavaScript libraries with Microsoft's TypeScript language, a superset of JavaScript.

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