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BubbleWordField Class


High level OMR form field (such as Student Name or Social Security Number), that can be used in OMR forms with column-wise OMR areas with multiple columns.

public class BubbleWordField : FormField 
Public Class BubbleWordField 
   Inherits FormField 
public ref class BubbleWordField : public FormField  


Fields are defined for each page in the processing engine. All fields require that the field's name (Name) and the field's location on the form (Bounds) properties be filled in.

Add or retrieve fields with the FormProcessingEngine.Pages property. After fields are defined, they can be loaded/saved from disk by calling the FormProcessingEngine.LoadFields and FormProcessingEngine.SaveFields methods. MasterForm fields can be defined just once and saved to disk. They will not have to be defined again. LEADTOOLS supports the TextFormField, OmrFormField, BarcodeFormField, ImageFormField, SingleSelectionField, BubbleWordField, and custom user-defined fields derived from FormField. When obtaining processing results, be sure to check the type of each field, and cast it to the appropriate type in order to obtain the field-specific results (barcode, image, etc.).

A BubbleWordField form field can be created automatically using DiskMasterForm by calling the CreateBubbleWordField method with the appropriate parameters.


For example, See CreateBubbleWordField.


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