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DocumentImages Class


Manages the global image settings for the document.


public class DocumentImages 

Public Class DocumentImages 

public [DataContractAttribute] 
   ref class DocumentImages 

public class DocumentImages implements Serializable 


DocumentImages manages the global image settings of the document. It can be accessed through the Images property of LEADDocument.

DocumentImages can be used to obtain information and change the behavior used when LEADDocument gets or sets the raster images or SVG documents data of a page. It contains the following:

Member Description
IsSvgSupported Indicates whether this document supports getting a page as SVG
IsSvgViewingPreferred Indicates whether the pages of this document is best viewed using SVG instead of raster images
IsResolutionsSupported Indicates whether this document supports loading images using different resolutions.
DefaultBitsPerPixel The bits per pixel to use when getting the raster image of a page.
ThumbnailPixelSize Size to use when obtaining the thumbnail image of a page.
RasterCodecs The RasterCodecs object used when loading and saving raster images and SVG documents.


For an example, refer to LEADDocument.


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