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AdvancedSettings Class Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
Public Method GetAddInControlType Gets a specific add-in registered control type.
Public Method GetAddInCustomData<T> Gets the add-in custom data.
Public Method GetAddInOption Gets a specific add-in option.
Public Method GetGlobalChannels Gets the list of global channels.
Public Method GetLogger Gets the logger for the specified add-in.
Public Method GetLoggerChannels Gets the logger channels registered with the specific add-in.
Public Method static  | Shared in VB Open Opens the advanced configuration from the specified server directory.
Public Method RefreshSettings Refreshes the AdvancedSettings.
Public Method Save Saves this the advanced settings.
Public Method SetAddInControl Sets a control option for a specific add-in.
Public Method SetAddInCustomData<T> Adds custom data to the specified add-in configuration.
Public Method SetAddInOption Sets an option for the add-in.
Public Method SetConfigAssemblies Sets the order of configuration assemblies to load in the advanced.config file.
Public Method SetGlobalChannels Sets the global logging channels.
Public Method SetIgnoreType Sets a type to ignore from the loaded add-in's DLLs.
Public Method SetLoggerChannels Sets the logger channels for the specified add-in.
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