IltmmConvert::get_EnableStillCapture Example for C

#define MAKE_MEDIA_PATH(pFileName) (TEXT("C:\\Program Files (x86)\\LEAD Technologies\\LEADTOOLS 19\\Media\\")TEXT(pFileName)) 
// This function would be called before start the conversion process 
   static OLECHAR lpw[512]; 
      return NULL; 
   lpw[0] = L'\0'; 
   MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, lpt, -1, lpw, 512); 
   return lpw; 
void BeforeConversion(IltmmConvert* pConvert) 
   long lWnd = 0; 
   ltmmSizeMode lSizeMode; 
   long lVideoH, lVideoW, lWndLeft, lWndTop, lWndW, lWndH; 
   long lLimit; 
   BSTR bstrLog; 
   IltmmConvert_get_VideoWindowHandle (pConvert, &lWnd); 
   if (lWnd) 
      IltmmConvert_get_VideoWidth (pConvert, &lVideoW); 
      IltmmConvert_get_VideoHeight (pConvert, &lVideoH); 
      IltmmConvert_get_VideoWindowWidth (pConvert, &lWndW); 
      IltmmConvert_get_VideoWindowHeight (pConvert, &lWndH); 
      IltmmConvert_get_VideoWindowLeft (pConvert, &lWndLeft); 
      IltmmConvert_get_VideoWindowTop (pConvert, &lWndTop); 
      IltmmConvert_get_VideoWindowSizeMode (pConvert, &lSizeMode); 
      if (((lVideoW > lWndW) && (lVideoH > lWndH)) && (lSizeMode != ltmmFit)) 
         IltmmConvert_put_VideoWindowSizeMode (pConvert, ltmmFit); 
      else if ((lVideoW < lWndW) && (lVideoH < lWndH)) 
         IltmmConvert_put_VideoWindowSizeMode (pConvert, ltmmStretch); 
      IltmmConvert_SetVideoWindowPos (pConvert, lWndLeft, lWndTop, lWndW, lWndH); 
   IltmmConvert_put_EnableStillCapture (pConvert, VARIANT_TRUE); 
   IltmmConvert_get_StillCaptureLimit (pConvert, &lLimit); 
   if (lLimit <= 1000) 
      IltmmConvert_put_StillCaptureLimit (pConvert, 10000); 
   IltmmConvert_get_FullScreenMode (pConvert, &vb); 
   if (vb == VARIANT_TRUE) 
      // Just to show how to use put_FullScreenMode 
      IltmmConvert_ToggleFullScreenMode (pConvert); 
      // Use put_FullScreenMode(VARIANT_FALSE) to turn off the full screen mode 
      IltmmConvert_put_FullScreenMode (pConvert, VARIANT_FALSE); 
   bstrLog = SysAllocString((OLECHAR*)MAKE_MEDIA_PATH("convert.log")); 
   IltmmConvert_OpenLogFile (pConvert, bstrLog, ltmmLogFile_GeneralInfo); 
// This function would be called after the conversion process is finished. 
void EndConversion(IltmmConvert* pConvert) 
   IltmmConvert_CloseLogFile (pConvert); 
// This function would be called to saves a snapshot from the running stream to a file 
void IltmmConvert_get_EnableStillCapture_Example (IltmmConvert* pConvert) 
   static int i = 0; 
   IltmmConvert_get_EnableStillCapture (pConvert, &vb); 
   if (vb == VARIANT_TRUE) 
      WCHAR wszFileName[100]; 
      wsprintf(wszFileName, MAKE_MEDIA_PATH("SnapShot%d.cmp"), i++); 
      IltmmConvert_SaveStillBitmap (pConvert, wszFileName, ltmmConvert_StillFormat_CMP, 2, 0, -1); 

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