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OcrSupportLockedExceptionType Enumeration


The type of support (feature) needing to be unlocked that caused the error.


WinRT C#
public enum OcrSupportLockedExceptionType   
Public Enum OcrSupportLockedExceptionType  
public enum OcrSupportLockedExceptionType    
public enum OcrSupportLockedExceptionType 
Leadtools.Forms.Ocr.OcrSupportLockedExceptionType = function() { }; 
Leadtools.Forms.Ocr.OcrSupportLockedExceptionType.prototype = {<br/> 
  Ocr = 0, 
    Icr = 1, 
    Omr = 2, 
    Pdf = 3, 
    PdfA = 4, 
    Arabic = 5, 
    EnginePdf = 6, 
    OcrProfessionalAsian = 7, 
public enum class OcrSupportLockedExceptionType   


0Ocr OCR support is required to use this feature.
1Icr ICR (handprint) support is required to use this feature.
2Omr OMR support is required to use this feature.
3Pdf PDF support is required to use this feature (When saving a document using the LEADTOOLS Document Writers, refer to IOcrDocument.Save.
4PdfA (Deprecated) Do not use.
5Arabic OCR Arabic support is required to use this feature.
6EnginePdf PDF support is required to use this feature (When saving a document using the engine native support, refer to IOcrDocumentManager.EngineFormat.
7OcrProfessionalAsian Ocr Professional Asian support is required to use this feature.

Various parts of the LEADTOOLS OCR toolkit are locked by a specific key. When using these features without first unlocking the specified feature, an exception of type OcrSupportLockedException will be thrown. You can examine the OcrSupportLockedException.SupportType property to determine which unlock support feature is required.

The following table lists the action required when an error of type OcrSupportLockedException is thrown:

Engine type OcrSupportLockedException.SupportType value Action required
LEADTOOLS OCR Professional Engine (OcrEngineType.Professional) OcrSupportLockedExceptionType.Ocr Unlock RasterSupportType.OcrProfessional
LEADTOOLS OCR Professional Engine (OcrEngineType.Professional) OcrSupportLockedExceptionType.Icr Unlock RasterSupportType.IcrProfessional
LEADTOOLS OCR Professional Engine (OcrEngineType.Professional) OcrSupportLockedExceptionType.Omr Unlock RasterSupportType.OmrProfessional
LEADTOOLS OCR Professional Engine (OcrEngineType.Professional) OcrSupportLockedExceptionType.Pdf Unlock RasterSupportType.OcrProfessionalPdfOutput
LEADTOOLS OCR Professional Engine (OcrEngineType.Professional) OcrSupportLockedExceptionType.PdfA Unlock RasterSupportType.OcrProfessionalPdfLeadOutput
LEADTOOLS OCR Advantage Engine (OcrEngineType.Advantage) OcrSupportLockedExceptionType.Ocr Unlock RasterSupportType.OcrAdvantage
LEADTOOLS OCR Advantage Engine (OcrEngineType.Advantage) OcrSupportLockedExceptionType.Pdf Unlock RasterSupportType.OcrAdvantagePdfOutput
LEADTOOLS OCR Advantage Engine (OcrEngineType.Advantage) OcrSupportLockedExceptionType.PdfA Unlock RasterSupportType.OcrAdvantagePdfLeadOutput

Note at this time, LEADTOOLS OCR Advantage Engine (OcrEngineType.Advantage) is not supported.

For more information on feature support and how to obtain the unlock keys, refer to Unlocking Special LEAD Features, RasterSupport and RasterSupportType.


For an example, refer to OcrException.


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