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JobOperation Event


Occurs while a job is running.


public event EventHandler<OcrAutoRecognizeJobOperationEventArgs> JobOperation 
Event JobOperation As EventHandler(Of OcrAutoRecognizeJobOperationEventArgs) 
- (void)autoRecognizeManager:(LTOcrAutoRecognizeManager *)manager willRunOperation:(LTOcrAutoRecognizeJobOperationEventArgs *)operation 
- (void)autoRecognizeManager:(LTOcrAutoRecognizeManager*)manager didRunOperation:(LTOcrAutoRecognizeJobOperationEventArgs*)operation 
synchronized public void addJobOperationListener(OcrAutoRecognizeJobOperationListener listener) 
synchronized public void removeJobOperationListener(OcrAutoRecognizeJobOperationListener listener) 
event EventHandler<OcrAutoRecognizeJobOperationEventArgs^>^ JobOperation 

Event Data

The event handler receives an argument of type OcrAutoRecognizeJobOperationEventArgs containing data related to this event. The following OcrAutoRecognizeJobOperationEventArgs properties provide information specific to this event.

Document Gets the OCR document being used in the current operation.
DocumentFileName Gets the name of the document file being saved in the current operation.
DocumentWriterInstance Gets the DocumentWriter instance being used in the current operation.
Format Gets the document format being used in the current operation.
ImagePageNumber Gets the page number in the input (image) file name for the current operation
Job Gets the job associated with this operation.
LtdFileName Gets the name of the LEAD Temporary Document (LTD) being used in the current operation
Operation Gets the current operation.
Page Gets the OCR page being used in the current operation.
PageImage Gets or sets the image used with the current operation.
PostOperation Gets a value that indicates whether the engine has already run the operation.
Status Gets or sets a value indicating whether to continue or abort current operation.

This event will occur when Run, RunJob or RunJobAsync is called.

You can use this event to get information on the current operation (creating an OCR document, loading a page, zoning, recognizing, saving, etc.).


For an example, refer to OcrAutoRecognizeJobOperationEventArgs.


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