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GetRotateAngle Method


Gets the angle of the rotation of this IOcrPage.


WinRT C#
public int GetRotateAngle() 
Function GetRotateAngle() As Integer 
int GetRotateAngle() 
- (NSInteger)rotateAngle:(NSError **)error 
public int getRotateAngle() 
function Leadtools.Forms.Ocr.IOcrPage.GetRotateAngle() 
int GetRotateAngle();  

Return Value

The angle of the rotation of this image in degrees.


This method will return one of the following values:

Value Description
0 The image is not rotated.
90 The image is rotated 90 degrees.
180 The image is rotated 180 degrees (upside down).
270 The image is rotated 270 degrees.

Use AutoPreprocess with OcrAutoPreprocessPageCommand.Rotate to automatically rotate the page image prior to calling Recognize. This could enhance the quality of the image before starting its recognition.

If the image is rotated, GetRotateAngle will return the angle required to fix the orientation of the page, if you call AutoPreprocess on the page, all subsequent calls to GetRotateAngle will return 0 since the image is no rotated. Hence, you must use GetRotateAngle before calling AutoPreprocess.

Use GetPreprocessValues to obtain the accumulative pre-processing values applied to this IOcrPage.


For an example, refer to AutoPreprocess.


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