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GetAdditionalNativeRecognitionModules Method


Gets an array of the additional recognition modules supported by the IOcrEngine.


WinRT C#
public NativeOcrZoneRecognitionModule[] GetAdditionalNativeRecognitionModules() 
Function GetAdditionalNativeRecognitionModules() As Leadtools.Forms.Ocr.NativeOcrZoneRecognitionModule() 
[Leadtools.Forms.Ocr.NativeOcrZoneRecognitionModule[]](nativeocrzonerecognitionmodule.md) GetAdditionalNativeRecognitionModules() 
public ArrayList<NativeOcrZoneRecognitionModule> getAdditionalNativeRecognitionModules() 
function Leadtools.Forms.Ocr.IOcrZoneManager.GetAdditionalNativeRecognitionModules() 
Leadtools.Forms.Ocr.array<NativeOcrZoneRecognitionModule>^ GetAdditionalNativeRecognitionModules();  

Return Value

An array of NativeOcrZoneRecognitionModule enumeration members that contain the additional recognition modules supported by the IOcrEngine.


Used with engine-specific zones. For more information, refer to IOcrZoneManager.GetNativeZone and IOcrZoneManager.SetNativeZone.

The additional recognition modules are values that are supported by this IOcrEngine but could not be found on the system. You need to install additional recognition module packs to be able to support these modules in your application. For more information, refer to Files to be Included with Your Application.

To get all of the recognition modules supported by the engine, use GetSupportedNativeRecognitionModules.

To determine whether a particular recognition module is supported by the engine, use IsNativeRecognitionModuleSupported.

Note: This method is not supported in the LEADTOOLS OCR Advantage Engine. This method will always return an array of one item that contains NativeOcrZoneRecognitionModule.Auto.


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